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July 2011 Grower's Blog


July 4, 2011

It is back to Brownfield to see how our vineyard is growing.  The High Plains is in a severe drought, but the grapes in Terry County seem to be tolerating the heat.  Our place is beginning to look like a real vineyard.  The petit verdot is growing well.  The grow tubes have been removed and the vines have been tied up to the first wire.  Andy has replanted the mourvedre vines that did not bud and the rest of the mourvedre is looking better.  It doesn’t look like we lost as many vines as we first thought.  This variety seems to be a slower starter.

June 2011 Grower's Blog


June 19, 2011


Sonoma, California here we come!  We are meeting our good friends, Joy and John Mohr, to have four days in wine country.  Joy and John have spent time in this area, but it is Michael and Barb’s first visit.  Our primary goal is to visit Nova Vine Nursery, the distributor of our vines, and tour their facilities.  Sam Caselli, the sales manager, spent over an hour showing us each phase of a grafted vine.  It was very educational and increased our knowledge needed to be grape producers.

We enjoyed touring wineries and found several smaller companies that make superior wine.  It was a thrill to taste varietals of mourvedre, petit verdot, and carignan.

May 2011 Grower's Blog


May 20, 2011

It still hasn’t rained but with irrigation the vines are growing.  The Petit Verdot is really taking off but Andy is worried about the Mourvedre.  It appears that some of the bundles were not good.  Twenty-five plants look really good down a row and then there will be twenty-five plants that did not grow.  Andy has talked to Sam at Nova Vine and they have agreed to replace 30% of our vines.  They have given us great service!  

The plants have now been staked and the grow tubes have been installed.  The drip irrigation is running as we still have had no rain.  West Texas looks like a true desert.

May 25, 2011

It’s off to Grand Junction, CO to Terry Leever’s retirement party.  What a great time to also visit Colorado wine country!  Petit verdot is often used in blending with bordeaux grapes but we have been anxious to taste it as a varietal.   After some research, we found a winery that makes a varietal from petit verdot.  It is delicious and we wonder why more wineries don’t make a varietal from this bold red grape.  The tasting room attendant introduced us to Juan, the vineyard manager, and Juan drove us to see the petit verdot vines.  How exciting to get a glimpse of what our vines could look like in several years.

We completed our day in the Colorado wine country by visiting two more tasting rooms.  Colorado wineries are making some good wine.

September 2011 Grower's Blog


September 4, 2011

We have made one more trip back to West Texas on farm and vineyard business. It is surprising how much the vines have grown in two months  It has been the driest 12 months on record and the grapevines have thrived. We lost about 5% of our planted vines and have replanted those and we are hoping that there is minimal winter kill. Our plan is to plant 3 acres of Carignan next spring, bringing our total acreage to 9 acres.

April 2012 Grower's Blog


April 24, 2012




One year has passed since we began our journey into the vineyard world.  The grapes planted at this time last year are looking great and we are ready to plant another three acres.  We are unable to be there for planting, but Andy and his men will do a great job planting the Carignan. We have had a new water well drilled and we are fortunate that the well pumps 200 gallons/minute, although we will not pump it that hard. We now have enough water to irrigate both cotton and grapes at the same time, and there is enough water to irrigate a lot more grapes.


July 2012 Grower's Blog


July 2, 2012

We are excited to see the vineyard with our own eyes.  It looks immaculate and there are actually grapes on the vines.  Andy thinks we will harvest 10 tons this year if the water and the weather cooperate.  The new Carignan is growing well--you can actually see the vines growing out of the grow tubes.  We are hoping to return for harvest sometime in September as  both Mourvedre and Petit Verdot ripen later than most grapes.



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